Someone stop the rain!!!

Well today brought with it rain, and lots of it! Today I visited some temples, Lama Temple and Confuscian Temple. Yonghegong Lama temple is a Tibetan Buddist Temple – the Chinese people come here to burn incense (1000’s of sticks, but not much sent) and worship to Chinese Buddah.

You might be able to make out all the incense sticks that man is holding, this was common.

A few of these spinning prayer things around, assumption is its sprayer wheel, I didn’t get this clarified. Not far away is Confusian Temple, Confusian is part of Buddist believes, a set of moral codes influencing Buddhism and Taoism.

Me and Confucious standing in the rain!!!

Got totally soaked this afernoon trying to go see the Olympic stadiums (Birds Nest and the Water Qube) will try again tomorrow.  Hopefully all this rain today clears for tomorrow as I am off to see the Great Wall of China, I said a little prayer to Buddha today for sun tomorrow, fingers crossed. So excited to be seeing the Great wall, can’t wait!


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