Beijing…..beautiful one day, perfect the next

Today was another beautiful day here in Beijing, I couldn’t have asked for better weather. So the bucket list has a lot more ticks from this trip, and today saw two more, Tian anmen Square and the Forbidden City. The square is pretty big, but I was expecting it to be bigger, but still to be standing in Tian anmen Square….cool! Then over the road to Forbidden City, unfortunately over the years prior to 1949 a lot of the furniture and treasures of the palace got stolen, most taken to Taiwan so if I wanted to see them I needed to go their…..mmmm another trip maybe! However, the buildings themselves are pretty impressive, all built from wood and with not a single nail!

Above is tian anmen square….ok those people look a little small in the distance!

The line to see Mao’s body was huge, it literally wound its way back and forth alone one side of the square

Ok, maybe the square is pretty big, as the security all ride segways to patrol the square

And the street cleaners all ride on bikes to pick stuff up……ok I concede it’s a big square!

Wow, I have seen so many photos of this image, awesome to be here in person! This is known as Heavenly Gate, which is Tian anmen is Chinese, and hence why the square opposite was given its name.

The Forbidden City is the home of the emperor and his many lady friends….oh and his wife too!

The Forbidden city has two sections one for office buildings and the other with houses, the building to the right is a resting stop between walking from the living section to the office …… it’s a long way from one end to the other, I would argue close enough that you don’t need a room to rest in but hey he was the Emperor, why not!
Next was a walk through some of the hutongs (lane ways), this was pretty cool, seeing how some of the locals actually live, felt like a bit of a sticky peak looking into people property, but was very interesting.

This shot is looking through the open door to someone’s place….the door was already open…..I promise!

This is the walkway through the hutong

Some of the people are working, this man is dipping mini apples into toffee, I asked to take this photo, I think he liked me as I started to walk away, he called me back and gave me one for free…..might have found myself a Chinese boyfriend…

It’s rude to not eat it… I did, yummy!
Well tomorrow is my last day in Beijing, I have to say I have absolutely loved this city, you should all come here, it’s fantastic.  Tomorrow night we catching an overnight train to Shanghi…..omg, still so much more to come! I plan to hire a bike tomorrow and ride around the city a bit…..might need to check the details of my travel insurance, it’s a bit crazy here on the roads, but lots of people ride bikes, so I figure if they go…..I go!


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