Goodbye Beijing

On my last night in Beijing we went to a Kung Foo show. It’s not all fighting, it was the story of a young boy and his journey through life to become a Kung Foo master. But the fighting and breaking of wood, metal etc on their heads was pretty crazy, they even had young boys doing somersaults with no hands, but using their heads instead, you could here them bang their heads down on the stage. Unfortunately you couldn’t take any photos, so can’t share with you.

I had hoped to hire a bike on my last day, but could not find any to rent, so instead just went back to a few places to get some more photos (not that I don’t have enough, I just missed a few angles I wanted) and then went to Belhai park. All the parks have walls all around them, meaning they can charge you to enter them, but also it means that once you walk in you immediately leave the chaos of the Beijing streets to a beautifully peaceful park.

Belhai Park

Next was the overnight train to Shanghai, the train left Beijing at 7:33pm (left right on time too), and then arrived at Shanghai at 10:40am……that’s one long train journey! The cabins sleep 6, with 3 bunks each side, I was in a cabin with all locals and was sleeping on the top bunk……it’s high! I was very impressed at the elderly Chinese people climbing up to the top bunk. It was the birthday of one of the guys in our group so we had a hallway party on the train, and then when they turned all the lights off a few of us continued in the sections between the carriages, 15 hours on a train in a top bunk where you can’t sit up is a long time, so this certainly helped pass the time.

The chaos of the train station as everyone lines up to get onto the train

We made some local Chinese friends on the train, they spoke great english and tried to teach us more Chinese, or should I say tried to help us pronounce words correctly!


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