Sensational Shanghai

Wow Shanghai is so different to Beijing, it’s clearly a lot more influenced by the west. The one thing I love about Shanghai is the architecture, all the buildings are so unique looking with a beautiful mix of old and modern.

The modern building in the distance is the Financial Centre

After getting off the train and freshening up, we walked around a little and then went to the museum, the museum was good, but the highlight was the acrobatics show that night…..OMG! Some of the acts literally took your breath away as you thought they might fall. Unbelievable flexibility of these young girls, they also had tricks on bicycles that included a girl on the shoulders of a girl riding a bike and then back flipping off that girl to a girl on a bicycle behind her, heaps more acts, but the finale was 8 motorbikes in a steel globe……awesome! Again, they don’t allow photos, so I can’t share, but its was a definite highlight of Shanghai. After the show we stopped on a street corner and had some dinner

We asked for spicy…..that’s exactly what we got!!! But it was yummy

Day two in Shanghai was a really tourist site seeing day, we went on the fastest train in china, it does 431km and takes only 8 mins to travel 30km, we passed cars on the freeway that doing about 100km, and it looked liked they stationery. As the train took a corner, it actually banked slightly, so felt like a roller coaster. After this we went up to the highest viewing platform in the world to the 100th floor of the Financial Centre. Unfortunately, it was a little smoggy so not a clear day, but still pretty cool, and love to tick things of the bucket list.

While the 100th floor was cool, and the view impressive, the coolest thing was the toilet, I don’t normally take photos of toilets but this one has a view.

But it got better, notice the control panel on the toilet, it’s for washing your behind, it’s got temperature options, strength options and directional options…..think about it!!!!

The afternoon was spent in a market and a park, the market was cute with the buildings but extremely touristy, the garden was really nice, probably my favorite garden to date in China, was a lot smaller than others so made it easy to walk around and see everything, and was like a maze, with little secret gardens around every corner

Probably the thing that Shanghai is most famous for is it’s skyline, the view from the area called the Bund that looks across the water to the CBD area, this was equally as impressive at daytime and night time.

We also went up to cocktail bar on top a building near by, the view was impressive, and the cocktails yummy, a beautiful way to spent the night.

Not the best photo, but your get the idea….it was awesome! Well, last day in Shanghai today then catching another overnight train to Xi’an tonight.


2 responses to “Sensational Shanghai

  1. Danni

    Hi Renee
    Shanghai looks amazing. Glad you are having a great time. Loving the blog, keep it coming. Especially photos of toilets with a view!

  2. Linda Osborne

    Hi Renee,
    Mark and I are thoroughly enjoying your travel story and your great photos. You tell a good tale and take an excellent photo. As an OT I note – no grab rails with the toilet – guess they would spoil the view. Safe and happy travels. Love Linda and Mark

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