Shanghai Dumplings

Today was the last day in Shanghai, had a pretty lazy day, slept in for a bit then headed out to an area of Shanghai called Xintiandi, known as the French Concession, it’s an area for the rich in Shanghai, and has a number of restored Shikumen buildings.

It was much quieter area than others in Shanghai, with fewer cars and wider streets, with a lot of boutique and famous shops, also a number of lovely restaurants.

I had read about one place that was famous for its dumplings…..honestly I haven’t had that many dumplings to date so I decided to check it out.

Din Tai Fung was the restaurant and it is a chain that has restaurants over asia and also in LA and one in Sydney. They are apparently known for their xiao long bao (like dumplings but they have a broth inside the pastry) I have had these in Melbourne restaurants, but these where pretty yummy.

So on anther overnight train as I write this, only a few hours in, our tour guide has just taught us a Chinese card game, called mahjong (like with the tiles, but easier to carry the cards)


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