Xi’an Playing Around

While on our train journey last night, I thought I would try out a new career…..train conductor…..think I might stick with my current job as this one involves cleaning out the squat toilets on the train……bad enough using them trust me!!! Chalk and cheese compared to the toilet on the 100th floor of the Financial Centre, but I liked the hat.

We arrived in Xi’an this morning, and after a rather exhilarating taxi ride to our hotel. Driving in China is much the same as other Asian countries….rules, what rules, lanes – they are just a guide, and obeying traffic lights is optional, just close your eyes and walk they will miss you. However, we did see one bike hit a pedestrian the other night in Shanghai, was very low speed and it then turned into a huge argument between rider and victim, which resulted in punches and the police……I always look both ways, on both sides of the road, they come from all directions, including the footpath!

Hired some bicycles this afternoon and rode around the old city wall, it’s about 13km long……it was a little bumpy, but great fun.

Hanging around – A very well timed jump into the bell!

Tonight for dinner we went out for a dumpling banquet. This was a rather expensive dinner…..cost $12, as compared to other meals which been costing about $5, which is for a huge Chinese dinner. I have eaten food other than dumplings, I promise, but, this restaurant is well known for its dumplings being shaped to look like the food that is in them.

Didn’t really get any great photos, was too busy eating them, but the above are a fish, chicken and another chicken, look closely you can make the shapes out.

After dinner, walked around a night market area, needed to walk off all the dumplings I ate, was filled with the standard things, food and souvenirs, bit a few new foods not seen yet as it was in a Muslim area of Zi’an, only problem was I was too full from dinner to eat another thing……maybe tomorrow night.

This guy was making some pastry, was cool to watch

The centre of the downtown area has the above Bell Tower in it

Tomorrow we are off to see the Terrorcotta warriors, can’t wait, the weather today was very smoggy and it also rained, so have put in another request with Buddha for the sun tomorrow…..fingers crossed.

Think they might look a little different to this one above!


One response to “Xi’an Playing Around

  1. Nat

    Loving it Renee, looks like your having a blast. Makes me want to travel again. Soak it all up!! And keep blogging!

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