TICK – Terrorcotta Warriors, done

WOW, today we drove out to the Terrorcotta Warriors Museum just out of Zi’an. The whole site is huge, with so much of it yet to be uncovered, but what they have discovered to date is pretty impressive. The site was only discovered in 1974 by some local farmers who where digging a well and discovered some of the clay pieces in the well. You can see in the photo below how close the well was to the pit the warriors are in, if they had of dug just 1m the other way then this whole site may still remain undiscovered.

The site is essentially the tomb of the Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum, similar to Egyptians they believe in the after life so an Emperor would have a tomb built that contained what he would need in his afterlife, so the Terrorcotta Warriros were to protect his mausoleum, all 7,000 of them!

Also found at the site was many other items, including bronze chariots as shown below

3 pits are currently open to the public, with different contents in each pit, they are simply named 1,2 &3 as per the order they discovered. We started in pit 3, which unfortunately has been damaged over the years by natural events and the wooden roof over the Warriros has collapsed and fossilized the site, some items have still been uncovered, but they are not proceeding with this pit until they have some better technology to assist them.

Pit 2 is believed to be the head quarters as it was the one containing Terrorcotta warriors in middle level ranks military uniforms. You can see too by the formation of the Warriors that they are like guides you might see near high ranking officials.

And finally, pit 1, the first to be discovered and most certainly the best. Unfortunately, almost all the warriors where damaged, and so all have needed to be carefully restored, so what you see below is not exactly as it was discovered, but it’s how it would have been when the emperor had the tomb built.

The area at the back of pit 1, is where the archeologists are set up restoring the Warriros, piece by piece!


2 responses to “TICK – Terrorcotta Warriors, done

  1. Michael

    Great photos of the “Warriros”!! Are they the Spanish version?
    Looks like you’re having a great time.

  2. CassyZ

    I am sooooo jealous!!!

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