Xi’an and Chengdu

Our last night in Xi’an we went to what is currently holding top place as the best food we have had on this trip so far…..and trust me I have had a lot of different food, eating out 3 meals a day allows for plenty of options to be explored. (no photos of the food, was too busy eating it!)

After dinner we went to a music and light water fountain in front of a temple in the Uni area of Xi’an, their are approximately 1 million Uni students in Xi’an, our tour guide went to Uni here. The fountain was a little lame when compared to the Bellagio in Las Vegas, but pretty with the temple in the background.

I didn’t really get any good shots of the fountain, but you get the idea.

Early start today as we flew to Chengdu, only 80 mins flight…..much quicker than a train! Chengdu is a more relaxed city in China, they like to spend time relaxing, having tea, playing games and eating…..I could handle that! So in order to experience the culture of this city (home of our tour leader) we hanged out in the park for the afternoon and did what the locals do….when in Rome!!!

The park was really pretty, I was trying to be a little creative in the photo above…..it sums up parks and gardens in china, greenery, stones, bridges and water.

The fish got a little competitive for the food….think of seagulls after a chip at the beach!

Not a tea drinker, but figure would try the green tea….yeah still not really a tea fan!

Another past time of the Chinese is the game mahjong, we learnt to play with cards on the last train trip, but this is a pavilion within the park that has special tables to use and the traditional tiles to play with (I won 3 out of 6 games…..me like this game!)

Apparently I play with my eyes closed….oops ah well captures the moment at least!

Ah all that mahjong playing made me hungry so stopped for some more street food, this was some puffed rice in honey and sesames….was ok! (so handy having a person who speaks Chinese and can tell you what everything is)

In all the cities I have been too you can always find the locals in a park or a square, either dancing, singing or playing games. In the park today we came across another group singing together, they have instruments and all, they meet everyday or night. We have on a few occasions joined in the dancing, they form lines and all do the moves together, we look like idiots I am sure, but the locals think its very funny and love showing us what to do, funny how dance and music ignores the language barrier.

We leave tomorrow and head off to see the pandas……very cute, going early in the morning as after they eat b’fast they pretty much just sleep and be lazy for the rest of the day, after that we head to stay in a monastery in Emeishan, our accommodation will be very basic, so not expecting to have wifi…..but who knows, I have seen a monk with a mobile phone!


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