The Day of the Giants!

This morning we left early so we could get to the Panda Research Centre before they feed the pandas, as after they have eaten they become pretty sleepy and tend to not do much!

The centre also had some Red Pandas….I didn’t really know about these, but they are much smaller than the Giant Pandas, and not really as cute, but still they make it to my blog post.

But most definitely the highlight ws the Giant Pandas, I remember my parents taking us to the zoo when we kids to see the pandas, it was equally exciting today, they are just such beautiful animals

They also have some baby pandas……only a few months old, so very cute trying to take some steps, just after I took this photo it fall down flat onto its face, very cute

After this we drove a few hours on the bus towards our next destination of Emeishan, but on the way we stopped to see the worlds largest stone Buddha. It’s at a point where 3 rivers join together and was carved out over 1200 years ago. It’s believed that it was carved into the stone in this location as the water was very dangerous where all the rivers met and so they wanted a Buddha their to look over the people as they passed through. We viewed it from a boat so you could see the whole thing, as if you walk to it you just stand at its feet and don’t get the full perspective.


One response to “The Day of the Giants!

  1. CassyZ

    Awwwwww… The kiddies are frothing!!!

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