Anyone for killing their own dinner?

After hiking Mt Emei and my lovely shower experience, a few of us went out to explore the town and get some dinner, down one lane way they had a number of restaurants all pretty much selling the same stuff….live animals such as fish, chickens, snails, frogs, rabbits and some other birds! And yes the answer to your question is they kill it and cook it…..we saw one lady get a fish out of the tank with a net then swing it onto the ground the kill it… time I didn’t enjoy having thongs on as the splat was far reaching!

A lot of the places had an open cooking area so you could see them cooking away, sometimes a good thing and, sometimes ignorance is bliss! We did however, manage to find a place that had all its meat already dead and had a lovely meal

This morning I set the alarm for 5am to go and see the monks in the monastery chanting……Awake before the sun….yes this is Renee’s blog, they where literally right outside my room, so I figured I could lay in bed a try to sleep through it or go check it out. Essentially it’s a bunch of monks chanting, one of the monks was kind enough to give me the book to follow, only issue was it was in Chinese, not to mention the fact that I am not a Buddhist.

Not a great photo, felt a little weird taking a photo of people praying, although the monk outside was indicating it was ok to do so, I only got a few quick shots, they chant for over an hour none stop, with some drumming and bell ringing every now and then.

So next on the agenda is a public bus ride to our next destination do Chongqing, a long 7 hours on a bus, got the iPad loaded with movies to watch to help the time pass.


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