Anyone wanting to cook their own dinner in a restaurant?

So let’s just say, glad the bus journey is over, it wasn’t horrible, just long, but the toilet stop on the way……wow I have done some traveling and seen some bad squat toilets, this one today came very close to being the worst! I would describe it but to be honest living through it once is enough let along write about it, plus I pretty much shut off all senses and got in and out as fast as possible touching nothing in the process!

So we arrived in the very crazy and loud city of Chongqing, amazing how different each of the cities have been, yet still similar at the same time. The people here are louder, the streets and traffic are the busiest and loudest to date, which surprises me as I would have expected Beijing to be the worst.

We went out to dinner for a Hot Pot, which is a traditional dish from this area, basically, they give you a pot of hot stock, put it onto a gas element, then give you raw meat and veggies and you then cook it yourself in the stock……it was ok, cool experience, but not the best food I have had on this trip.

Walked around the city a little after and found a large square full of hundreds of people dancing together, it’s crazy in this one square we could count at least 10 different dance groups all doing their own routines together, including, ball room, salsa, break dancing and the standard Chinese routines.

Not really much today with most the day spent on the bus, tomorrow we have free time then in the evening we board a boat for the next 2 nights, so not likely to have wifi on the boat, so will hope to get next update soon.
Thanks for all the comments, I can’t actually respond to them as China doesn’t let me access my own blog site, but I do get an email update showing me your comments so please keep leaving them as it great to know your enjoying my updates…..least I hope you all are!


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