Chongqing in the cold light of day

So today we had time to explore the city, it was pretty overcast which means the photos look a little dull and dreary, but the city itself is far from dull and dreary. It was loud and chaotic when we arrived last night and that was the same today.

This was a monument for the people that died in the war between the communist party and national party

The city is hilly so the subway is built above ground on an elevated track system, the river in this photo is the Yangtze river and is the longest river in China….from memory it was over 6,000km’s long, starting near Tibet and running eastwards ending in Shanghai, it’s this river that we will take our cruise for 2 days.

Not the best photo, I was trying to capture the complicated freeway system that they have in China, at some spots you can see up to 6 different roads all elevated and going all over the place……you would want to know where your going….even the locals miss exits, but it’s not a problem, they just dive across traffic to get it or reverse back to it!

This was the entrance to a shopping centre, it would give Chadstone a run for its money, it was huge, was 5 levels, and was a series of separate complexes all linked together (took about 5-10 mins to walk its length), had all the western brands and other Chinese ones….looking forward to shopping in Hong Kong.

We have seen a number of dogs dressed up in China, but this one with shoes has got to be the craziest!

This was the opposite our hotel, luckily our hotel was nicer…..on the whole can’t complain about the accommodation we have had, wifi is often limited to the lobby, decor is run down, beds are hard or harder and cleanliness well…’s best just not to look too closely, but really it’s just a place to sleep and it does that, although my roommate is prone to sleep walking and talking, which has made for some interesting nights!


One response to “Chongqing in the cold light of day

  1. Rita

    Hello Beautiful, am loving your China adventures, though it is making me very jealous! And sounds like we are sharing many of the same experiences. Love the photo of the dog with shoes, I never managed to get a good one 🙂 Can’t wait to see photos from the boat. Love, Rita

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