Cruising down the Yangtze to the Three Gorges

After another epic bus journey, we boarded our cruise boat for the next few days, it’s not the Titanic, but it had a chandelier in the entrance foyer.

This was our boat, the Victoria 1, all rooms had a river view, the room itself was ok, but the bathroom became a bath as the drain was in the opposite corner to the way the water ran, so literally the whole room would end up in a few inches of water after you showered.

We found a quiet corner of the boat and had some drinks, we all tried Rice Wine. One of the guys in our group bought a bottle for 9.90 yuan which is like about $1.50…..was on sale down from 28 yuan, $5, so needless to say expectations where not high, but out tour leader said it was ….mmmmm ok!

To be honest it actually wasn’t that bad, you did feel it going down, and breathing in afterwards heightened the sensation, was 52% alcohol!

The next day we passed through the first gorge while abroad our boat, was pretty spectacular, with the cliffs on either side raising high up above us. The water levels in this area have risen from approximately 75m to 175m in the last 5 years since they finished a near by dam. So prior to this the gorge was apparently even more spectacular, this first gorge appears on the 10 yuan note.

If you look closely you can see the boats ahead of us, these where big boats, so it helps give you some perspective of the gorges size.
We then switched to a smaller boat to go see the next gorge. Again, was stunning with high cliffs surrounding us as we cruised through.

At the end of this gorge we changed to even smaller boats to do the last gorge, we had a local man guide us down this gorge, signing as we went.

Back to our main boat and after dinner they have a show which is put on by the boats staff and any guests that would like to perform, karaoke or poems etc. Our tour leader said we should do something for the show. Trying to think of something that the chinese would understand and something that we all knew was difficult, especially given the mix of nationalities in our group (English, Welsh, Canadian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, American, Austrian and of course Aussie) so some how we came up with the chicken dance…….it was a huge success, they loved it, even started joining in the actions in their seats.

Nanna nanna nanna naa

nanna nanna nanna naa

naaaaaaa naaaaa na naaaa naaa na naaaa naa naaa

After the show they had some English songs that we did karaoke to, Patricia and Glenn got right into it with some Back Street Boys……everybodyyyy, yeah yeah, rock your body!


One response to “Cruising down the Yangtze to the Three Gorges

  1. Linda Osborne

    Hi Renee,
    we are enjoying all your travel updates and the great photos. love the chicken dance. You are a star!!!
    Take care, love Linda and Mark

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