China is a BIG country!!!!

Yesterday and today were officially travel days…..we departed the boat at 7:30am and boarded a bus for 2 hours to a local city, to then get onto another bus for 5 hours……but it doesn’t end there, we then arrived at a train station, had 3 hours to kill before boarding another overnight train at 7pm which we got off at 10am this morning…..but wait theres more….we then got onto another bus for 1.5 hours bus ride to finally arrive at our next location of Yangshuo at 11:30am… to save you the trouble, that’s 27 hours travel time!

Amazingly enough, it actually wasn’t that bad, helped greatly by the great people in my tour group, we managed to keep ourselves entertained as too did the videos on my iPad. The best part was dinner at the train station…..who would expect that some of the best dumplings to date on this trip would come from a fast food dumpling restaurant at a train station.

Ordering them was a real battle, nothing in English, but we didnt want McDonald’s, so we persisted, after a lot of smiling and pointing and laughing, (them at us I think), we still hadn’t managed to order anything…..then they handed us paper to write it down…..we cant speak the language, not sure why they think we could write it! But eventually, another customer and the chef ended up having to help us as they spoke a tiny bit of English…but we got there in the end and had some great dumplings….cheap too! Had chicken, beef and pork….we think! LOL

But back to Yangshuo……27 hours was worth it, this place is beautiful. All though we got off the bus and was welcomed by the rain, this town is simply beautiful and most definitely the prettiest place in China I have seen. It’s a small town of only 100,000 people and is surrounded by these awesome limestone mountains, that have over the years been shaped by all the rain this area gets…..mmmmm apparently it rains here 2 out of 3 days…..doh!

One of the things I have been looking forward to doing on this trip was a cooking class, so this afternoon, with the rain not stopping all day, was the perfect time to have it.

We made an eggplant dish, a gong bao chicken and …….wait for it……yep you guessed it dumplings.

My knife skills are lacking….I would not make it onto Master Chef with this technique!

My preparation and clean work area….nothing like when I cook at home!

Making my dumplings……..

My finished dumplings, with pork and chives

The best part was getting to eat everything we made at the end, was pretty good, tasted like it should!

Hoping for some better weather tomorrow as we going for a bike ride….fingers and toes are crossed! Will load some photos of the area tomorrow, it late and I must sleep, early start!


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