Rain, rain go away come back another day

Well given that it rains here 2 out of 3 days, I shouldn’t have been surprised to wake to more rain, but unlike yesterday, it was very light and basically held out for most of our bike ride, so can’t really complain. This town is so beautiful, I actually hardly feel like I am in China….it’s nothing like everywhere else I have been.

The whole town is surrounded by beautiful limestone hills, like below

The photo below is right across from our hotel, views like this no matter what way you look

The people that live in this town are clearly well adjusted and prepared for the rain, as per photos below

So we set out on our bike ride this morning, not sure exactly how far we rode, but we rode for at least 5 hours, so got to see heaps of the countryside surrounding Yangshuo, I have said it already but will say it again, absolutely beautiful. The rain and low clouds added a different feel and atmosphere to the ride, while it would be awesome to see this area in clearer weather, the rain did give it some character.

The photos do not give the views any justice, was hard to get a good photo in the conditions

We rode on all kinds of roads, from the slightly crazy town centre, along a peaceful back road, down a major highway, along a muddy narrow track, over loose stones and everything else. Rode through tiny little villages, past farms, shops and many locals out and about, the lady below was walking her water buffalo….as you do.


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