Mmmmmm still raining….3 out of 3 days!

Last night after our bike ride we went to see an outdoor show…luckily it was only light misty rain during the show, but your entry ticket includes a free poncho, it rains a lot here! The show is produced by the same guy who did the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics, and includes approximately 700 cast members. It’s set around a lake with mountains as the back drop, with the water being most of the stage, it was spectacular, but sadly photos didn’t come out very well, due to the size, lighting and rain, but got a few shots to try capture it.

The show also included animals, some water buffalo and comarad birds, these birds are used to fish, they go out on the bamboo rafts with the fisherman and they go into the water, catch the fish and then bring it back to the fisherman, and he gets it out of its mouth.
Well the percentages where against us today as it rained for the 3rd day in the row…..but if given lemons, make lemonade. So I set out in the rain to climb a little peak to see the view over the town.

Below are a few more shots of the town, would love to see this place without the rain, but still a really pretty town, and so different to other cities I visited on this trip

Sadly, tonight is our last in mainland China, we are catching another night train to the Hong Kong boarder tonight. I have absolutely loved this country, everything about it, the food, the culture and the people. I have had my photo with numerous Chinese people and been stared at by countless people, but my theory is if you can’t beat them join them, so when I saw someone trying to take my photo I either posed, waved or joined them for the photo, they loved it…..kind of feels like your a celebrity here as everyone notices you and either stares, points you out to their friends or takes your photo.

Bring on Hong Kong and all the shopping!!!!


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