Hello Hong Kong

Yet another epic travel journey, this one taking 21 hours, not helped by the overnight train being two hours late into Shenzhen, and including the slow process of leaving China customs and entering Hong Kong customs.

On the whole train travel isn’t too bad in China, but being in the beds right next to the toilets, certainly has its draw backs. One of the not so appealing habits of the Chinese is spitting, but it’s not the sitting that’s that bad its the way they extract the flem from their throat…..trust me when I say waking to the continuous sounds of this as two carriages of travelers cleared their throat 2m from my bed is not pleasant ….but if that wasnt bad enough they also play this horrendous music over the PA really early n the morning, and it’s on full volume! But other than that it’s not too bad!

We finally arrived at our hotel late in the afternoon, and after much needed showers we went in search of food….much needed food, as I only had b’fast stuff on the train, by 5 when we ate I was starving….i literally could have eaten anything.

We went down to the harbor to see the night light show….mmmmm, really this was pretty lame, basically the buildings on the opposite Hong Kong Island flash a little and have some green lasers off them in time to some music…..the harbor view itself is ok, but I wouldn’t stress if you missed the light show.

Another item on the to do list of Hong Kong is Temple Street and the night market, if I hadn’t already been to a few markets thought out China, then this may have been ok, but it’s full of the same stuff we saw in China, but is a little bit more expensive, plus has heaps of fake stuff.

Hong Kong is very different to mainland China, it’s clearly been heavily influenced by the west, and its British rule, as they drive on left, have English everywhere, have double decker buses and you can get all the regular brands from overseas, the high number of expats here also means the western influence is prevalent.

The tour officially ends tomorrow, but basically it’s finished today with no more coordinated activities, so I am changing hotels tomorrow and moving over to Hong Kong Island.


One response to “Hello Hong Kong

  1. Annah

    Sounds like you’re having an awesome time Renee! 🙂

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