Hong Kong Island….feels like home!

Caught the underground train to Hong Kong Island today and immediately felt like I had entered another city. Kowloon Island while definitely influenced by the west, is totally different to HK Island. Hong Kong Island is fully westernised, with cool modern bars, clubs and restaurants, not to mention the high number of expats, it kind of feels like home, but not!

But before I headed over I explored a little around the streets of Kowloon, went to electronics street and ladies street…they have shopping streets for all kinds of things here, so makes shopping with purpose rather easy, but these streets are mainly market stalls not brand shopping.

I caught up with some aussie friends who are living here in Hong Kong now, had a lovey dinner, while I have enjoyed all the Chinese food, it great to have something else…..like lamb shank…..nice!!!!

Checked into my hotel room……I mean my shoebox….don’t get much for your money in Hong Kong, but hey you’re hardy in the room.
Next day I went over to Lama Island with the girls, catching the ferry over provided great views of HK Island.

We had a lovely seafood lunch by the water, we will have that lobster please!

So good to have some seafood again.

Lama Island is really pretty, we did the family trail from one side to the other, it’s abut 6km, up and down the hills, you get some great views along the way….but the main beach had a huge factory next to it, which kind of ruined the view, but the rest of the island was great.

After our 6km walk and back on HK Island, we figured we had earned a egg custard tart…..mmmm they are very yummy, I am sure I will be having a few more of these before I leave.

In the evening I caught back up with some of my friends from the tour for our last dinner together before we all leave Hong Kong, went to a 1 star Michelin restaurant……very yummy! Yes it was dumplings!


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