Sights of Hong Kong

So before the shopping starts, I thought I had better tick off a few of the sight of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Island is basically built up a big hill, and so while this means great views, it also means that getting up involves steep streets and stairs…..but some very bright spark, thought to build in elevators. You can actually get up and down the island totally undercover, along elevated walkways, through buildings and along a series of elevators. Once you know your way around its not too bad, but you can’t totally avoid the hills or stairs.

So next on the list was the Giant Buddha, this involved a subway to one of the nearby islands, and then catching a cable car up to the Buddha. Cable car ride was cool, the Buddha was ok, but the lines to get up and down the cable car……not good!

The area between the cable car exit and the stairs to the buddha is touristic…..and lame! But the directional sign was cool, only because I can now say I have been to all the points!

Back down the cable car….. finally…and surprise surprise I am hungry, my friends from the tour had recommended another Michelin star dumpling restaurant, but this one was tiny and cheap, so I figured I’d go check it out… was a tiny spot, lucky I got their early and missed the queue, food was great and especially for the price, this place got to be cheapest on the Michelin star list.

Met some of the tour group for drinks later in the evening on HK Island, not before stopping for yet another egg custard tart!

Went for drinks in Lan Kwai Fong, which is a bar street filled with pubs and clubs all with happy hours and promotions, it was a Monday night when we went, so was a little quite, but still a large number of people out and about here at all hours.


One response to “Sights of Hong Kong

  1. Claudia

    Ive just caught up on about 2 weeks worth of posts and wow you have done a lot! This blog is excellent and the photos look amazing, i especially love the ones of you doing the chicken dance wish i could have seen it. Nice to see your managing to pack in a fair few dumplings too. You sound like you’re having so much fun….but i’m so happy you’ll be home soon!

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