More Sights of Hong Kong

The sun came out today and from my bed i could see blue skies….so perfect day to go up to the peak. After the nightmare queues of the big Buddha, I was off early to avoid the crowds……success, short wait to get ticket then on the next tram, nice one!

The peak tram is a tourist attraction in itself, it almost feels like you go up the mountain vertically, you could feel yourself being forced back into your seat due to how steep the incline was. The view from the top was pretty spectacular.

The observation deck is the top floor of the building above

On the way down, as I was ahead of the crowds, the tram was relatively empty so I moved down to stand behind the driver… going down was awesome, it was so steep I literally had to hold myself up so I didn’t fall over.

The photo gives no justice to how steep it was

Given the number of people in Hong Kong, the double decker buses (British influence) are extremely practical, so too the double decker trams, they call them Ding Ding, as that’s the sound the bell makes.

Don’t know anything about this building below, just walked past it today and thought it was cool

Another tourist thing to do here is catch the Star Ferry across the harbour, it’s really cheap and gives you great view of the harbour skylines. Even with a blue sky you can still see the smog,but still an impressive view, was probably better at night time.

This was me trying to be a little creative while on the ferry gong back to HK Island

Thought I would also share with you the view from my hotel room, its no harbour view like some friends from the tour have, but it’s ok.

Just to compare, below is the view from a harbour view room in another hotel back on Kowloon where they stayed


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