Shopping and the end!

So Hong Kong is famous for its shopping…..clearly famous for the rich, as almost every shopping centre (their are hundreds of them) and every shopping street has all designer shops, like Armani, Dior and all the rest, as I don’t frequent these shops back home, no idea if they are cheaper here or not, but in the brands I do know a little better, the prices seem much the same. Shopping here is all high end or fake markets, nothing much in between.

But I still managed to make a few purchases, like a few tops, bracelet and a new handbag. So not the hoped shopping spree, but still had fun looking around, also was limited as all the stores had winter clothing on display, no good going into summer.

Sniff sniff, sad to say that my holiday is almost over, I can’t believe that 4 weeks is up, time has flown in one way, but when I look back at everything I have done and seen, it’s been ages. What an awesome trip, so glad I did it, already starting to think about the next one.

So I hope you have all enjoyed my blog and following along with my journey, will see you all back home in oz very soon, the big job when I get home will be to sort through all my photos….trust me when I say I have taken quite a few……you guys got just the tiniest glimpse of my happy snaps.

Zaiijian – goodbye in Chinese


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