A few false starts later, we have arrived in Ha noi

First drama of the trip, and i hadn't even left home! While I checked in online we noticed that the travel agent had misspelt my name on my ticket…..all I could hear was the warning “the name on your ticket must match your passport”, insert a few expletives at this point, and then followed a very stressed Renee, throwing stuff in her pack and racing off to airport to hopefully sort it out.


Got to airline service counter, as this stage I was pretty much having kittens, I told the girl the issue…..”oohhhh” was not the response I wanted, she took my passport and disappeared into an office, what felt like forever was in actuality only 5 mins, she came out and said “ok, as only 1 letter wrong, if more than one you would have needed travel agent to reissue ticket”……thank goodness, so from here on in on this trip I am Rennehelen.


Thunder and lightning signaled our departure last night, but not after an hour delay in boarding, not really a fan of flying through a thunder and lightning storm, this delay was relatively bearable, but was happy to finally taxi off to our runway…….until the captain announces that the fuel light indicator is causing them some concern so we need to head back to the gate….GREAT, it 1:30am at this stage, so 1.5 hours delayed. Engineer gets on board and decides…….we need fuel! Now I am not a rock scientist or mechanically minded in any way….but even I know when my car fuel light comes on to put fuel in my car, surely the pilot while siting on the tarmac for 1.5 hours might have noticed the fuel light then instead of halfway down the runway, so they then proceed to put some fuel in our plane, so 3 hours later we depart….finally on our way!!!


So a 3 hour delay meant making our connection in Singapore was going to be tight, we literally landed and raced across the airport, pretty much our arrival and departure gate could not have been further apart, but they held the plane cause of our delayed flight, so now the question was will our bags also make it…….praise to the ground crew cause they made it, thank goodness.

So we have just now arrived at our hotel and this is my bed……

Off to start exploring temp is in the 30's, out come the fluorescent white legs!!!!!




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