Dodging traffic in Hanoi

Our first afternoon in Hanoi was spent in a slightly zombie like state, we are staying in the old quarter of town, which is a maze of narrow streets filled with scooters, bicycles, cyclos, taxi's and many people walking around trying to sell you everything from doughnuts to face masks. The footpaths are filled with parked scooters or stools out the front of a restaurant, so you have to walk along the road, with all the traffic, you just have to walk and hope that they go around you, to date this approach has been successful, but its a refreshing change when you turn a corner into a less busy street.

We managed to stumble onto the Ngoc Temple which is in the middle of Hoan Kiem Lake, the temple is accessed via a really cute red wooden bridge.



After an early night we woke up feeling much more human today and headed on downstairs at our hotel for b'fast, of course we went for a traditional Vietnamese b'fast of pho, noodle soup……was delicious!

With our bellies full we got a taxi up to West Lake to see the Tran Quac Pagoda, huge lake again with a temple accessed via a bridge.


Lots of activity on the water, including some people fishing, not sure I'd eat the fish out of the water


Next on the list was Ho Chi Ming mausoleum, we got their after it closed, which wasn't an issue as we didn't particularly plan on going in, but we couldn't even walk down close to it, so could only get a shot in the distance from behind, oh well.

Lunch was random at a cafe that only sold drinks so they got us a menu from the place next store, food was delicious, and cheap, cost $2.50……


Next was the Temple of Literature, a group of local school kids where their getting their graduation photos, was over 30 degrees today with high humidity, I broke into sweat just looking at them in their robes.


Off to the night markets tonight, then early tomorrow we are off to Halong Bay for the night, so next update will be in a few days as not likely to be wifi on the junk.



One response to “Dodging traffic in Hanoi

  1. Jane

    Amazing pictures yet again … especially of the food! My taste buds are watering.
    Keep having a fabulous time.

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