Cruising around Halong Bay

Got picked up early from our hotel, 8am (which you know is early for me), and on bus down to Halong Bay, was about 4 hour drive, stopping on the way at the cursory toilet stop filled with all manner of shopping options. Was a little overcast and rainy when we got on our boat, but still warm and humid.


Our boat was 3 levels and had about 20 passengers so an ideal size, not long from the harbour and we are amongst the beautiful limestone islands of Halong Bay, even with the overcast weather it looked amazing.



The sun did mange to break through later in the afternoon, we stopped off at one of the caves and walked through it, was ok, but best was the view from the cave entrance of the bay.



By now we pretty hot and ready for a swin, so we headed on to a sandy beach, but before our swim I dragged Claudia up to the top of the island, in hindsight, thongs not ideal for the conditions, but was worth it for the view.





Back on the boat to watch the sunset, now this was amazing, the highlight of the day. the colours in the sky and in the rocks changed as the sun set was spectacular.



Rain over night meant my attempt to get up for sunrise was pointless, so back to sleep I went. After b'fast we went for a kayak…all this before 9:30am.



A number of fishing families live on the bay in floating houses, with fish farms around their house, also a number of locals chase down the tourist boats trying to sell drinks and snacks, can see one in photo below, she was counting out her money.



As is often the case, the weather improved just as we started to sail out of the bay, so managed a few extra shots as we sailed off.




Unfortunately this blog doesn't display panoramic shots well, but popped some in anyway



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