Sapa town and back to bustling Hanoi

After much needed showers and attempts to wash my muddy socks, they now are a lovely shade of brown….white socks probably not the best choice, we spent the afternoon exploring Sa Pa and relaxing and the getting a good nights sleep.

We headed off yesterday morning on another walk, this one was to another village nearby, was only 6km, but was down in the valley floor, and so what goes down, must come up. View from top was amazing, I know more rice fields, but they just look so awesome.


The track takes you down into the village, many locals have set up make shift shacks that they set up shops in to try and sell you something, your hard pressed in this area of Vietnam to mange to get away from people trying to sell you stuff, they all open with “you buy from me”, no matter the age, I think after mum and dad it's the next words all the kids learn.

Sorry, but these items stayed in the shop, while pretty cool, I think customs may have struggled with the whole carved tree root concept.

We did mange to walk some sections of the trail without being asked to buy something, then we had a family of pigs escort us, very clear they like pork in this country, pigs everywhere.

After walking back up the hill, stopping a few times at different restaurants for drinks and food, we headed back into town and went to the market, they certainly don't waste anything in this country, they are awesome at recycling everything for another use, they also don't leave any part of the pig unused……they are not sausages!

Around town, you saw plenty of people loading up their scooter with as much as possible heading off to sell or take back to their village.

Took the overnight train back to Hanoi, back to the sights, sounds and smells of Hanoi or ” ha noisy”, today in Ha noi it was 36 degrees, with humidity that made for a pretty hot day, hence we had a pretty lazy day, did lots of people watching in the old quarter, you name it they transport it on a motorbike or bicycle, shoulders or even head.

The funniest thing we saw, besides the live pig in Sa Pa, was a guy on a scooter with about 30 bags hanging all off a purpose build stand on the back of his scooter, each bag contained a live goldfish in water, looked hysterical, was gone too quickly for us to get a photo, as is the case most times. After a traditional pho for breakfast on the street, I tried to take some photos to try capture the streets of Ha noi.

Yes, they are strapping that huge counter to a scooter and yes they did then ride it with that on the side.

Traditionally, each of the streets in the old quarter are named after the product they sell, so you have a whole street selling shoes, another kitchen utensils etc, also lots of people either sewing, painting or making stuff, like shoes!

Or, welding a sink together… can just see the hot coals in the bowl on the ground that she used to heat the tool and melt the welding metal.

After a week up in northern Vietnam, we fly out tonight to Hoi an, time for the beach!



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