Cooking up a feast

Today we did a cooking class, we started this morning bright and early at the market with our guide to purchase all the stuff we needed for the class. Was like a mad house this morning, totally different to the other day, lots more people selling their produce from any spare vantage point, lots of people rushing about getting their daily supplies.

Lots of live animals, including some ducks

They gave us these cute little shopping baskets to collect our ingredients, and yes we got our meat from the same place I saw the other day, but much earlier in the morning, so looked much fresher.

We took a boat ride over to the island where our cooking class was, stopping on the way to see how they used to husk the rice and also how to make rice milk, hard work!

Our teacher didn't speak much English, but it wasn't an issue at all as our guide interpreted for us, she was very funny still, joking all the time as she demonstrated each dish to us.

First we made Goi Cuon – Vietnamese Salad rolls, below is my finished product with satay dipping sauce, yummm

Next on the menu was Banh Xeo – crispy crepes, these are made totally with rice milk as the batter, the stuff we made earlier. These where my favorite of the day, mouth is watering now thinking of them again. That's rice paper on the outside, you eat that as well, mmmmm yumm, I want more!

Next was Bun Bo Nam Bo – beef vermicelli salad, this has about 6 different herbs……was delicious, even if I do say so myself, and not a bad effort on the presentation, maybe I should try out for masterchef, mmm may need more than one cooking class for that.

Finally, we made Pho Bo Ha Noi – noodle soup with beef, doesn't look great but was supper tasty.

Spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and having a dip in the pool, so basically all we did today, was eat food, shop, swim and drink cocktails……yep this is the life!




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