Nha trang – expect the unexpected

After arriving in Nha Trang we checked into our 5 star hotel, The Sheraton, only to have it start raining, while it was still hot, it rained all afternoon and all night……mmmmm sorry I ordered sunny weather!

This morning we woke to beautiful sunshine, so after our 5 star buffet b'fast we went and laid by the pool, after a while we thought a change of location was needed so we crossed the road to the beach…..mmmmm yep life is hard!

This is the view from my bed…..yep life is tuff!

Not the best shot of the pool, kind of forgot to get a photo while bathing in the sun. Below is the view of the beach across the road from the hotel pool.

This was pretty much going to be the extent of my update today, but after returning from the beach, we noticed some filming in the hotel lobby…..then we noticed a team of 2 come running in being followed by another camera crew and collect an envelope from the front desk……it was the filming of The Amazing Race Vietnam. The Sheraton was one of the pit stops (if you not seen the show, this is basically the end of each leg of the race where the last team gets eliminated).


The clue sent them up to the pool, where they had to find a hotel access card inside a cake before going to the pit stop in the penthouse, so sadly I couldn't get to that part, but I did watch a few teams complete the task. Was interesting to see how they staged it, holding teams up to ensure camera ready and making them stand in a particular spot and also posing for photos when getting the clues, (think this was promo stuff for hotel).

They had the markers all around the hotel, if you have watched the show, you will recognise them, if not, your probably not really getting this, but I thought it was cool. As I was following them around the hotel I got caught at the lifts with one of the teams, so this leg of the amazing race Vietnam will star yours truly in the background…..love it!

We headed out tonight to look around the tourist area and get some dinner, as we left a few storm clouds loomed, I said to Claudia, we might get a little wet later, I wasn't wrong.

We popped into a shop to look at some scarfs, cause apparently I need more scarfs, anyway, just as we made our purchase, it starts to bucket down, within a minute the street started to get flooded, see below, mmmm we might take a seat and wait this one out.


Within 10 minutes the whole street was covered in water, and the owners of shops started to board up their shops……mmmmmm think this is the norm around here.

All the shops have steps going up in to them, clearly this is so they dont flood each time it rains like this, our shop had two planks of wood placed across its steps as the flood water lapped at the front door ( up the cutter and up 2 steps).
Was a pretty big storm, I was standing outside the shop taking a photo and just as I took it a lightning strike flashed.

So we just sat in the front of the shop watching the flood water continue to rise and watching people struggling to ride their scooters through the water, cyclos riders had to pull their bikes along and those in cars, slowly drove through causing waves across the street.

An hour and a half later, the rain starts to ease off, but the street is totally flooded, we had been heading to a bar when we got stranded in the shop, so by now we both pretty hungry and wanting a drink, if only we had made it to a bar before the storm hit. As we consider our options to start walking through the flood water while still raining a local lady appears from no where selling plastic coats, with little negation power we purchase and slowly start wading through the water and rain to find a place for dinner.

So what had started out as a pretty lazy day, ended with a flash flood, love it!




2 responses to “Nha trang – expect the unexpected

  1. Ross

    Serves yourself right for stopping to look at scarfs, I bet you wont get caught again…..straight to the bar next time!

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