Nha Trang – cocktails, beach and Russians

We thought we should do some sight seeing while in Nha Trang, and plus the weather today is a little overcast so we headed off to the Dam Market, it's in a circle, with areas selling the same stuff together, 10 shops of the same stuff, same same…..but not different!

As you walk around, literally, as well as avoiding every single trader trying to get you into their stall, you also have to avoid scooters, as people ride them through the market shopping as they go.

Anyone need a pair of shoes…..

Or some spices…..look at all that garlic, yummmm

Most of the shops are jam packed with stock, so if you don't like what's on display they find other options to show you, or run to another store to get it, anything for a sale

Next on the sight seeing trip was Po Nagar Towers, which are temples up on a hill



Mmmm, time to go back to the beach, overcast or not, we are lying on the beach, still beats being at work!

The view from our hotel room looking away from the beach, and looking down on the hotel pool

Nha Trang seems to be the holiday spot for Russian's, everyone you see is Russian, all the signs are in Vietnamese and Russian, as too menus at restaurants. Apparently I look Russian as I have had a number of Russians start talking to me in Russian……..based on Russians poor fashion sense and strong facial features, I haven't taken this as a compliment.

We had some cocktails at our hotel before heading out to the Sailing Club, a very cool and trendy place for both locals and tourist to go, it didn't disappoint, nor did the cocktails.


Sadly its time for us to leave our 5 star life style and head back to the real world……and trust me when I say going from the Sheraton to a Vietnamese sleeping bus, certainly is going from one extreme to another. Unfortunately the night trains sold out and so we had to catch the sleeping bus, only cost $10, but you get what you pay for. Yes I am on the top level in the middle of the bus, it felt like I was suspended in the middle of the bus, was very weird.

After a very long night, with little sleep, lots of horn beeping and some major pot holes, we have arrived in Ho Chi Ming City, our last stop in Vietnam.



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  1. Glad to see your pedicure is holding up!

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