Exploring Ho Chi Ming City

After our overnight bus and very eary arrival into Ho Chi Ming we headed out to do some sight seeing. First was the Ben Thanh market, much like all the other markets we have been too, but we did purchase some coconut candies which are popular in this area, and depending how many I eat I may or may not have some left when I get home.

Next we did a cyclos ride around the streets, and true to their reputation the drivers tried to rip us off, after we agreed to original price, instead of 50,000 they then tried to charge us 250,000. Bit shit really cause you enjoy the ride but then have to argue afterwards, so ruined it a little bit!

Next was the Independence Palace, was like going back in time, and didn't really look much like a palace. They did a tour in English, was ok, you saw the standard rooms, like dinning, meetings, a cinema and the presidents office.

They had on display some presents given to former presidents, including some elephant feet….mmmm ok!

Best part was when we went down to the basement and into the boom shelter. They had rooms with maps that the president could follow what was happening, and secret passages that the president would use to get to bunker.

Next on our list was the Cathedral Notre Dame and then the post office.

Below is the Bitexco Financial Tower, as we got to it it started to rain so we popped into a cafe for some food, the weather can change pretty quickly here, 10 minutes before this, the sun was out.



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