Cross the boarder into Cambodia

Our bus from HCMC took us across the boarder into Cambodia, once in Cambodia you could start to see the differences between the two countries. We had to do a river crossing, our bus and other cars got loaded onto a boat to get across.

Over 5 hours later we arrived in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, as we don't have long here, we set of to explore the town. Started at the central market, similar to many others in what they sell, but a pretty building. Was starving after the bus, so had some very yummy noddles to eat, cooked right in front of me at the market.

They use tuk tuk's in Cambodia to get around, they pretty cheap, plus was pretty hot so perfect way to get around town, putting you right in amongst it all.

Went to Wat Phnom, which is a temple, inside the temple you could see locals praying and making money offering to all the statues, and lots of it to, lots of monks where walking around the temple gardens.

Next was the Royal Palace, this was unfortunately closed when we arrived, but we could still see some of the buildings, was really pretty.

Everywhere you look in this city you can see beautiful buildings or temples.

Phnom Penh is on a river, and has a number of restaurants along the water front, so we stopped for a drink and watched the world go by, turned out to be the queens b'day (we think) and so they had a fireworks display on the river, best $.80 beer I've had.

Next morning, we headed off to Toul Sleng Museum, which used to be a school before it was used as a prison by the Khmer Rouge, during that time, 20,000 people where brought into this prison……only 7 made it out alive. It goes without saying that this was a really sad place to visit, unbelievable that this happened so recently. The conditions they kept the prisoners in was appalling, let along the manner in which they tortured and killed the people. One of the survivors was at the museum signing books, can only imagine what it must have been like when he was a prisoner here, but to come back and sit in the grounds everyday, chilling.

Not far from the prison was the Russian market, haven't actually worked out why it's called the Russian market, but was much better than the central market, but was ridiculously hot inside.

As well as all the normal stuff, they also had some great word work.

But was a little disappointed with the number of hats on sale…..

Time for a beer, it was past 12 somewhere in the world, so why not

Am totally loving it here, and given this countries recent horrible history, it's amazing how friendly and lovely all the people here are, don't feel like people are trying to rip you off cause your a tourist and everyone smiles and says hello, really love this country. Catching a bus to Battanbang this afternoon, another 5 hours on a bus…..wooo hoooo!




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