Bumpy trip to Battambang

The bus ride to Battambang was very bumpy, we in a mini bus, which instead of taking 6 hours like the big bus, we told this one only 5….. Well our speedy/crazy driver did it in 4 1/2 hours, his speed topped over 140km…..on roads filled with pot holes, buses, cars, trucks, tuk tuks, bikes, scooters, cows and people! Lucky for me I had my iPad and caught up on Revenge….not looking at the road was best.

Battambang is Cambodia's second biggest city, it didn't feel like a big city, could get across town in 5 mins. After arriving in the evening the night before, we started our next day in Battambang by the pool, we deserved it after our bus ride.

As its the start of the rainy season here, our time by the pool was short lived so we headed into town to check out some temples and walk around the streets. Hard to see in this photo, but the hotel gave me a VB umbrella.

Mmmmm 5 star tuk tuk……unless its got a mini bar in there my thinks, same same

All the bikes lined up upside the local school, we could hear them reciting someone as we walked past

This statue welcomes you as you arrive into town

This man was doing some fishing with a net in the river next to the town

Next we got our tuk tuk driver to drive us out to the bamboo train, basically it's a very gimmicky tourist attraction where you sit on a bamboo platform and fly along some very bumpy train tracks.


As it was only a single track if another train came the other way, one had to get off and give way, this meant dismantling the train, which wasn't hard at all.

At the end of the tracks is……of course locals trying to sell you stuff, local kids all hang around trying to take you on a tour of the brick factory….mmmm pass.

Starting the engine required a ratty piece of string being wound around the motor and pulled really quickly, think lawn mower.

We then got our tuk tuk driver to drive us out to Phnom Sempeau which is a temple upon a mountain. Also in this area are killing caves from when the Khmer Rouge killed the Cambodian people, you could go into them and see all the skeletons of those people killed. Along the way, we could see houses of some of the locals, often up on stilts.

We had to walk up the mountain……but was worth it for the view

A number of monkeys where dotted along the path…..really wish dumb tourists wouldn't feed them human food!

At the bottom of the mountain is a cave that according to locals has approximately 5 million bats in it, and at the exact same time in the evening they all fly out together to search for food. So we sat and waited, and waited, and waited, but eventually they did……literally they flood out continuously for up to 40 mins, we didn't stay that long but it was staggering how many we saw, in just the 5 mins we watched. Not a great photo, but you can get an idea at least.

On the bus again tomorrow morning to Siem reap, the finally spot on our trip…sniff sniff.



One response to “Bumpy trip to Battambang

  1. Claudia

    And the funniest thing that happened today – when the man chased after us as we were getting in the tuk tuk because I paid the bill with the wrong currency!

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