Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor

Stuffed our b'fast down in 5 mins and rushed to the bus station, got their 7 mins before bus departure time, but the bus was running late, so after an hour baking in the heat we finally on our way, a much less dramatic bus trip this time. However, our tuk tuk ride from bus station to hotel was just as a storm rolled into town, meaning the wind picked up all the dirt on the roads and blew it into our faces, next the rain, while this stopped the dirt, we had to pull over and put down the walls of the tuk tuk, they didn't actually meet up or tie down properly, so the dirt in our faces and hair was now in risk of turning to mud….I guess some people go to an expensive spa for this sort of treatment.

Went to the night markets in town and may have purchased some more scarfs……I think I am addicted.

Early start today to head off to see some of the Temples of Angkor, the area covers some 400km2, and has numerous temples all in different states of ruins or repair. The most famous is Angkor Wat where we started our day, which also appears on the Cambodian flag.

We then went on to see a number of other temples, such as Bayon and Baphuon, but might just pop in a random selection of photos.

By far the best temple we saw today was Ta Prohm, this temple has trees and tree roots growing on top, inside and all over it, was awesome looking through this temple. This temple was used in the Tomb Raider movies, I haven't seen them, but I might have to now. The tree below is actually on top of the ruins, it's roots are on the other side.

Amazingly enough you are able to climb up a number of the temples and all over the ruins, made for some interesting and step stairs and great fun exploring the ruins.

All this climbing and walking meant a much needed swing in a hammock was needed…..ahhhhhh this is life.

We got back to the hotel and went for a swim in the pool, while it was overcast today, it was still hot and very humid, so a dip was very welcomed. As too was the 60 minute Traditional Khmer massage we both had at our hotel, which can best be described as a physio and yoga class with the lady pulling, pushing and stretching your entire body, felt great afterwards, and all for $10……me be back for another type of massage tomorrow.



2 responses to “Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor

  1. Linda Osborne

    Loving all your great photos and stories Renee. You are an excellent travel writer. What an adventure.
    Take care, Linda and Mark

  2. Claudia

    Yep massage was so good I even managed to fall asleep!

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