More temples, more shopping, more cocktails…..but no more time!

Well if we didn't see enough temples yesterday, we still had more to come today. We started with a 37km tuk tuk ride out to one of the temples and then saw a few more closer to town, again will just pop in a random collection of some of the temples below.

Our tuk tuk driver gave us some umbrellas to use, mine was a tourist umbrella from Rio de Janeiro, brought back memories of that trip a few years ago.

Back to the hotel by lunch time and we both feeling very templed out, got a few shots of the countryside as we bounced along in our tuk tuk, not an easy task I might add.

Next was a swim, unfortunately the weather hasn't been on our side last few days and after 30 mins by the pool it started to rain…..oh well time for some pampering instead, Claudia got another massage, I went for a manicure and pedicure. As a side note, longest and worst I ever had!

Out into town for dinner on our last night, oh and of course a few cocktails and of course some shopping.

Wake on our final morning to blue sky….typical, but it did mean a few good hours by the pool this morning before heading home later this afternoon.

Went back into town for lunch and a teeny tiny bit more shopping, I promise not more scarfs, the sun was out so got a few shot of the town.

Returned to the hotel to TRY back our bags, mmmmm just a little bit extra to try fit in. After a few attempts I managed to fit it all in and so sadly we called for our tuk tuk driver to take us to the airport.

Goes without saying that I am sad that the holiday is over and from all reports have to return to Melbourne which is freezing cold at the moment, going to be a big shock to the system.

Hope you have enjoyed the blog, see you all very soon




One response to “More temples, more shopping, more cocktails…..but no more time!

  1. Gina

    Awesome blog! Feel like I have been on holidays with you both. Unfortunately though, I am still sunning myself on the Croatian coast!! See you both soon.

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