Finally in Tokyo…..wooo hoooo!

After a very unimpressive 9 hour delay to our departure from Melbourne we finally took off for Tokyo. On the plus side of our flight…..I managed to have a row of 4 seats all to myself, great to stretch out and have some shut eye (i had to get up at 5am). On the negative side…a wanna be sumo wrestler managed to have the 4 seats behind me and snored very LOUDLY for most the flight!

Train from airport to the city took just over an hour……not a problem when they have a trolley cart on board selling beer!


After a a good nights sleep we headed out today to start exploring Tokyo. We headed off to an area of Tokyo called Harajuku which is known as the place where fashion forward teenagers hang out, they literally set trends that major designers come from around the world to see. We walked down Takeshita street which is filled with all things kitsch, shops with hello kitty and clothes that Japanese school girls like to wear and some funky outfits for the adventurous…..


It's not the best photo, but you can see some Japanese girls in this photo with some creative outfits….saw a few people with colorful band aids on their faces…..maybe the next big trend!

After a quick stroll up Meiji Dori Avenue, many high end brands and expensive boutiques in this area, we went to Yoyogi Park, a beautiful oasis amongst the city streets, which houses in it the Meiji Jingu Shrine.

As you entered the shrine you had to wash your hands.

Rice wrapped sake barrels are offered each year by the local sake brewers in honor of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken whose souls are enshrined here.


We timed it perfectly to see a wedding procession with the priests followed by the bride and groom and then their family and friends. No idea if just anyone can get married at this shrine, but they did have security guards clearing the way of us annoying tourists taking photos!


Figured I had better get myself in at least one photo.

All this walking and sightseeing made us hungry so we headed to the Takashimaya Department store where they have a food hall, very similar to that of the one at Harrods in London, or think David Jones food hall but bigger and better.


Tonight we headed to our hotel bar to enjoy happy hour, then afterwards headed out to find a place for dinner in Shinjuku. Managed to find a really cool tempura restaurant, the chef cooks it right in front of you.


Oh, and after just over 24 hours in Tokyo I have managed to purchase 2 skirts and two pairs of shorts…..and we haven't even officially gone shopping yet…….mmmmmm think its safe to say I will HAVE to go back to work!



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