Today was all about the Sumo. We left Tokyo this morning on one of Japan's super fast trains and headed to Nagoya to see the Sumo Wrestling…..literally this is the only thing we have come to Nagoya for. Credit to the photographer (aka me) on the shot below as this train was flying out of the station as I took this.


Ok, got to Nagoya….blah blah blah, got to the Sumo stadium….wooo hooo, we were both a little excited, ok maybe very excited.

The actual bouts go for literally 5-10 seconds, but the ceremony around it all is interesting to watch. All the wrestlers come out at the start for their Entrance Parade, they are all wearing these special embroidered aprons called keshō-mawashi, they had no backs so you can still see their arses from behind…..we saw a lot of arses today!

Before each fight, some guy (with a fan) sings out the introductions of the wrestlers, well we think that's what they singing as we still not fluent in Japanese.


Also, before each fight the wrestlers do a whole lot of leg raises, squatting, arm raises and a lot of leg, arse, thigh and stomach slapping. As we progressed through the ranks of wrestlers, the ceremony got more elaborate befor each fight. The higher ranked wrestlers also throw salt into the dohyo (the ring), along with wiping their faces and bodies with a wet towel before fighting.

These guys are treated like super stars, people actually line up in the stairs and entrance ways just to see them…..naturally I joined them to get some photos, felt like a groupie.

They all loved this guy, I think his name was Endo, the crowd went crazy for him.

Endo and some other guys did an extra little bit of leg lifting and slapping in their keshō-mawashi before leaving again and coming back later to flight. The two guys squatting are just his entourage, think one was carrying a samurai sword.
They very often end up out of the ring and land on the people in the crowd…..that would be a scary sight, one of these huge guys falling towards you.

Occasionally they are not sure who touched the ground first so all the judges get up and stand in the centre of the ring and discuss it… instant replay or video ref here.


Before some of the wrestlers fought, an additional ceremony was conducted as these guys walked around the ring displaying what we figured to be flags representing previous competitions they had one. One guy had like 16, his opponent only 2….needless to say which guy one.

I said it before, I will say it again…….we saw a lot a big arses today!



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