Trekking and temples in Takayama

Today we left Sumo Town, aka Nagoya, and caught the train up into the Japanese mountains to a little town called Takayama. The train ride up here was beautiful, the train meandered up into the mountains going through tinny country towns and along a beautiful river and mountains side. To busy enjoying it to take a photo, so just take my word for it.

We went exploring around the old town this afternoon, its a very cute group of streets with many sake breweries, cafes, retailers and immaculately preserved old private houses. The streets are narrow and closed off to vehicles so very relaxing to walk around, pop inside and sample all the goodies, including sake!

Below is one of the sake breweries, naturally we went inside for a sample.

This really is a very pretty little town, so calm and quiet compared to Tokyo, you can pretty much walk every where in town.

In the afternoon I dragged Claudia on a walking tour (self guided) around the outskirts of town to a number of temples in the hills.


We ended up in Shiroyama Park….just a tiny walk up a tiny hill… our thongs of course. Claudia may have made a few comments about this part of the walk!

We where walking up the hill to see an old castles ruins…..lets just say a very small pile of rocks didn't make the walk worth the effort…..ops sorry Claudia!

After a long walk, it was definitely beer o'clock, so we found this cute little izakaya, which is basically a tiny bar that literally only holds 6-10 people. The one we popped into sat 6 at a bar and the whole place inside was about 5m wide. Thank goodness beer is an internationally spoken word….ahhhhhh it was a great beer.

You can also order snack foods……so we did. Ordered a Japanese pancake called an Okonomiyaki, it was really yummy.


We are staying in a temple tonight, it's pretty basic, and you have to be very quiet as the wall are paper thin…literally! Below is a shot outside of the temple. Then a few shots of our room, and us being dags taking photos in it.


Was so cool the walls and doors to our room where made of rice paper, very cool, just like you would expect in a traditional Japanese building.

One of the specialities of this area in Japan is the Hida beef, which has a high marble similar to Wagyu beef. It was really yummy……melted in my mouth.

As a side note, eating a fried egg with chopsticks…. not as hard as you would think!



One response to “Trekking and temples in Takayama

  1. Gina

    Wow – that town looks absolutely gorgeous and very Japanese!

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