Feeling hot hot hot!

Headed out this morning to do the Southern Higashiyama walking tour, got out of the hotel to a very sunny day, not a cloud in the sky…..mmm think it might be a hot one today.

First temple today was Kiyomizudera Temple…..up a hill and up a lot of stairs.

Next was a couple of charming little streets with old wooden houses and traditional shops and restaurants, called Sannen-zaka and Ninen-zaka.

I am surprised at the number of ladies we have seen on the streets and at all the temples wearing their kimonos, spotted these young ladies on Ishibel-koji.

Another temple or two before heading to Maruyama-Koen….a park, but again I would more call it a garden.
Last temple of today was Yasaka-jinja….we pretty hot by now, it was 39 degrees, with very high humidity….it was hot!
We stopped at a random place for late lunch, where they only had one thing n the menu…we didn't realise this until we inside, but it was so lovely and cool inside, we just said '2 please'. Turned out to be pretty good, a local speciality called Issen Yosyouk……basically a variation on Japanese pancakes.
The weirdest thing about this place was that they had manakins sitting randomly at some of the tables…..couldn't resist taking this sneaky photo of a man and his rather boring date
After lunch we headed of to a tea house to see if we could do a tea ceremony….no booking, no idea of when they do it, but the travel gods where with us as we rocked up just as they about to start a ceremony and they had room for us to join. They take you through a very short ceremony as traditional ones can go literally for hours, we couldn't take photos during the ceremony, but we got to make and try our own green tea afterwards….I don't like it, but I don't like tea!

So after a day of walking around Kyoto in 39 degrees, we deserved a beer, so we popped into a Izakaya….turned out this was a Mexican themed one…we didn't care, they sold beer….ahhhhh!

After much needed showers we headed out to dinner, to a highly recommended family owned restaurant down a little alley way……it was the best sashimi I have ever had it my life, it just melted in your mouth. The stuff in the cup to the left is steamed eggs….also delicious, in fact everything at this place was delicious.



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