Riding around Kyoto….day 1

This morning we woke to grey skies and rain…..doh, so typical the day we planned to ride bikes around town is the first day we get rain for the whole trip…oh well, it just water.

Rented bikes…tick, dorky ponchos….tick, map routed out….tick….and we off. It may have been raining but it was still hot and those plastic ponchos do not breathe. Anyway, lucky for us it pretty much had stopped by the time we got to our first temple, Fushimi-inari taisha.

It's one of the top attractions in Kyoto, it's famous for its toril tunnels, they where really cool.


As we left the temple grounds we got approached by a tv crew….turns out we are going to appear on some Japanese TV show. They have famous japanese entertainers go to major tourist attractions and try ask foreign tourists questions in English about why they came to Kyoto.

A few kilometers up the road, we popped into a temple our bike rental man suggested we visit, Shimogamo-jinji temple. They had a 3 day festival on which meant you got to walk through the waters at the temple….so of course we did!

PS…the water was freezing, but at the same time very refreshing. As you walked through you had to light your candle and then place it on a stand at the end…..this was an extremely popular thing to do, we lucked out with our timing and pretty much walked through the whole thing without waiting, but they had robes indicating queues that stretched forever, so we felt pretty lucky to have participated.

Back on our bikes and off to the next location, the silver pavilion, Ginkakui Temple…..this was one of the best we have seen, the gardens around the temple where just gorgeous. This gardener was raking the zen garden…..it took him ages just to do one line, he checked and double checked and re-raked it over and over again. Looked more like hard work then relaxing to me!






Just for good measure, we did one more temple….this was was called Nanzenji Temple.

One of the down sides to traveling is the need to do laundry, tonight was that night. Popped our laundry in the machine and headed off for a quick bite. We got back to our machine 2 mins after it finished to find a bunch, about 10, of Japanese school boys pulling our laundry out of the machine and laughing and looking at our clothes…..literally school buys laughing over women's underwear, boys will be boys, no matter the country!

Day 2 on the bikes again tomorrow, i am really looking forward to it, I totally miss my bike….is that sad!



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