Day 2 on the bikes…..more temples!!!!

Back on the bikes again today…..but today the weather is perfect, hardly a cloud in the sky, about 34 today. First stop today…surprise surprise, it's another temple! But this is one of the best on Kyoto….it's called Kinkakuji Temple, or Golden temple due to the top two levels being covers in gold leaf.

One of the temples in the grounds had an English fortune telling thingy (technical term that one), anyway we been seeing people at all the temples, get a piece of paper and then sometimes tying it to a fence. In English we discovered that its a fortune and if you get a bad fortune you tie it to the fence.

So we got one, mine said my fortune was 'quite good'…..mmmm that's not inspiring. It also said its better not to take the lead in anything….so Claudia, your in charge for the rest of the trip!

Next temple on the list was a small one we stopped at, not that impressive, but at least it gave us a break from the uphills on the bike. It did however have a 5 storey pagoda, which was cool, but really hard to get a photo of it.
As they say, what goes up, must come down, so after a long down hill ride followed by a long flat ride, we got to an area of Kyoto called Arashiyama, here was, you guessed it….another temple. We both getting a little templed out, but each one does offer someone different, this last one of Kyoto was no exception. The last temple we visited is called Tenryuji Temple. It has a beautiful garden, including a zen garden. You sit down on the temple veranda and look over the zen garden and contemplate life. PS. that's my foot contemplating more riding and walking!
Next to the garden was a beautiful wooden path way, where you could stroll along and take in the gardens.
Just next to the temple gardens is the Bamboo Forrest….which is exactly as it sounds, but had a walking track through it, was lovely and cool under the shade of the bamboo trees.

On our way out of town, we stopped at the famous Arashiyama Bridge ove the Oi Rver. One last photo opportunity before staring the hour long ride back into the centre of town to return our bikes.


While we have manged to eat a lot of different food in Japan so far on this trip, one thing we hadn't had yet was yakitori, so we headed out for dinner over in Gion. The place was cool, you sat at the bar and could see the chefs cooking, even the waiters made some of the dished right in front of you. First was a bowl of raw vegetables, never had raw eggplant before…was not too bad.

The actual yakitori was delicious, crispy chicken skin with juicy chicken….yummmo

We also had a dish called shabu shabu….which is just cooked chicken in a broth, was yummy.

Time for some sake……sake by the wine glass….we been in Japan too long. We also got chatted up by some Japanese business men at dinner….well as well as they could without speaking a word on English.




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