Leaving Kyoto, back to Tokyo….2 days of food!

Yesterday was our last day in Kyoto, after 10 days of being constantly on the move we had a relaxed day….slept in, went out did some shopping, had some lunch and then caught our bullet train back to Tokyo.

We have seen a little bit about burnt ramen in Kyoto, so thought we should try it before we left, seriously we are eating our way around Japan. Not sure exactly how they make it but, it involved a huge flame from the chef cooking it. I had the burnt miso ramen….have to say the best ramen I have ever had.

As train travel is very common here, at all the fast train stations you can get these little take away meals in boxes, like a packed lunch! They are all cold, which I found weird as some had noddles and chicken in them, others had sushi. As we traveling over dinner time, we figured we would have a 'train dinner box'. Also needed beer and some mini donuts for dessert.

Got in Tokyo and had a quiet night in our hotel for the night, then this morning we headed to the famous Tsukiji Fish Market….it's main feature is the huge tuna auctions, but they only let in 120 tourists a day and you literally need to be at the market by 4am….pass, I like my sleep too much for that. But we still got their early in the morning to see them finishing slicing all the tuna and packing it up for transporting.

This guy is literally using a saw to slice the frozen tuna, you can also see the frozen slices to his right.


The market really is just like any other market, load, busy, people yelling and action happening all over the place, but they do drive these cool little trucks around….they are everywhere. They use them to take the tuna from the auction room to the wholesale market area.

One of the other highlights of this market is the small sushi restaurants at the market where you can eat some of the freshest sushi and sashimi in your life, so sushi for b'fast it was. I got four different types of tuna, all tasted amazing.

After eating our sashimi for b'fast we headed off to do some exploring around Shibuya and Harajuku.


After a few hours of wondering and shopping, it was time for lunch…..it's been a while so when i saw a yum cha restaurant…..yummm dumplings, I had to stop.

Finished the afternoon with more exploring the streets of Tokyo, along Omotesando…basically all the boutique international brands. Beautiful street and shops, just the price tags don't match my wallet.

As we had eaten all day, we thought we would head back to Shibuya to check out the crossing at night time. I only have a basic point a shoot camera, so a little hard to get great shots, but was very cool, a very busy area at night time, filled with shops, restaurants and bars.

It had been a few hours since we ate, so figured a late night snack and a beer would be nice, so found a izakaya near Shibuya. One of the speciality dishes at this place was mackerel cooked at your table by blow torch. Was really really yummy.

Also in the Shibuya area are hotels called love hotels….it's a red light district, so maybe not so much love! But anyone can rent a room for a short time, 30, 60 or 90 mins or you can also book them for the night. Price below is about $30 for 90 mins.




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