Tokyo – last few days of shopping, eating and some sights

Yesterday morning we decided to go check out Tokyo Bay and the area in Tokyo called Odaiba. Basically the area is a collection of entertainment centres…each with shops, restaurants and then some form of entertainment, for example movies, aquarium, Lego world, Madame Tussaud's. You can catch the monorail over as its on a separate island across the bay, the monorail goes over Rainbow Bridge, it's a great spot to get a view of Tokyo, well a small part of it anyway.

It's a very modern area of Tokyo, with some rather cool buildings, this one is the Fuji TV Building in the background, with one of the entertainment centers in the foreground called Aqua City.

They also have a beach here…….well, it's sand next to water, but with a sign that says no swimming or playing ball games…..not my kind of beach.

Dinner was at a place recommended to us, well known for its soba noodles. We also had some scallop carpaccio and a fig salad……yummy.


I enjoyed some different sake with my dinner, firstly a chilled sake that was served in a wooden box. They then over pour it so the overflow falls into the dish under, this is to represent abundance….I like this approach to serving a drink, no short pours here. It came with a side of salt….as the waiter said “like a margarita style”. First sip was interesting….as too was getting the last sip out….try drinking out of a square box!

Next I tried the hot sake….this was served in a metal jug and the tiniest little cup, so lots of refilling the cup.

We were out in an area of Tokyo called Roppongi. Had some cool buildings at night time, and lots of nightlife.

The subway stops just before midnight in Tokyo, as its such a huge city, everyone catches the last few trains home, so like Cinderella we home before midnight, resting up for our official shopping day tomorrow.

Woke to a beautiful day this morning, had some b'fast and headed to the shops……no photos of the shopping! The area of Tokyo we are staying in is called Shinjuku and is well known for its shopping, just within a few city blocks it has approximately 10-15 different department stores, you could literally spend a lifetime shopping here, we just allocated a day….and boy was it a long day, and somewhat successful.

After a long day of shopping we just did dinner close to home…..mind you that still involves 100's of options. We did tempura, was not too bad. But we did have tempura sea eel….I never had eel before, so yet another food tick for this trip. Was really nice.

One of the things I love about the way they serve tempura here, is the salt selection they have to accompany your tempura…..mixed herb salt, wasabi salt…all really yummy.

After dinner we walked around an area nearby called Kabukicho, which is Tokyo's notorious red light district, apparently you name it, it happens here, just not for foreigners, plenty of dodgy guys and sexy ladies standing on the streets trying to persuade Japanese men into their establishments.



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