Tokyo – just enough time for some more fun…and sake!

Our last full day in Tokyo today, sniff sniff, holiday is almost over. Another hot day today, it was 33 today….mmm going to be a shock to the system when we get off the plane at Melbourne!

Headed off this morning to see the Imperial Palace…..well the outer buildings and garden as you can't go into the actual Palace as its home to the current emperor and his family. Didn't actually get a photo of the palace, but did get some other shots.

Finally, after all the parks/gardens we have been too, a grassed area….

We then walked via Tokyo Train Station, which looked like it could have fit into most European cities.

The plan for lunch was to go to another restaurant of the awesome burnt ramen we had in Kyoto…..after trip advisors blue dot directed us to the wrong spot (first time this trip, all other times the blue dot has been awesome), we then ask directions and found it……but it no longer is open, at all, closed down…..not happy!

So a department store lunch it was sitting on the main street in Ginza, Chuo Dori, as it was closed to traffic. Lots of Japanese people out and about in their kimonos shopping in Tokyo's versions of New York's 5th avenue.


It's a rather posh area in Tokyo….lots of boutique shops, fancy cars…we even saw a Porsche dealership. During the summer they have a number of festivals across Japan, we not sure how this next event fits into that, but we guessing it did. Along the street they had about 100 little wooden bowls filled with water, behind each stood a person, most wearing kimonos, then some chanting and drums and then at the same time they all throw the water up into the air…..sadly I missed the photo of them throwing it, but was rather funny.



After a long hot day out and about, we popped into a bar for some cocktails….I needed a drink, it was hot!

Afterwards we headed out to see the Chou Dori at night, suppose to be famous for all the lights, we thought we had seen better, but guess it depends what peaks your interest.

Ok, cocktails…tick, final bits of shopping…..tick……all the major sights of Tokyo….tick. Time for our final dinner and some more sake. This was the best katsu curry of the trip….yummmo.

Sadly back to the hotel to pack and get ready for our last day in Japan before heading home, one more blog update to come.



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