It’s all over…..insert huge sad face!!!

As our trip comes to its end and I sit on the plane heading home writing my final blog, I reflect on all the things that made this trip so amazing, goes without saying hanging out and traveling with my best friend is a big part of that, but Japan is an awesome country, so I have listed below some of the highlights of this country and its beautiful people.


  • So many department stores, and international shops….plus it was sale time
  • Face covers when you try on clothes so no make up stains
  • When you purchase something they walk you to the door, hand you your purchase and then bow as you leave and say thank you
  • All the department stores have food halls in the basement, only downside was no where to eat the yummy food
  • Below if photos of Shinjuku train station, the busiest train station in the world, just in this photo are 4 department stores


  • The food was awesome and good prices
  • Always had a place to store your bag, either on a shelf, hook or in a basket…you never had to put your handbag on the floor!
  • Set menus….get to try a bit of everything
  • When you leave a restaurant, everyone says good bye to you, waiter, kitchen staff, chef
  • The popular places that had people que outside them, had chairs for people to sit and wait on, plus they have you fans or wet towels
  • Below are some of my favorite meals this trip


  • You can touch a button that plays music or water noises while your in the loo – discretion music!
  • A baby seat in the loo so you can sit your child in it
  • A pull down stand in the cubicle to stand on if you need to get changed
  • They are always clean and have paper, and are everywhere, and are free



  • So easy to use….well once you work out the Tokyo subway
  • Always on time …. except once, but that really is rare
  • On the bullet trains, all the seats face the direction you are traveling
  • Everyone queues, it's polite and orderly, people don't push
  • No one eats or drinks on PT….sometimes I didn't like this one!
  • Cars rarely toot their horns
  • Train conductor and trolley lady bow as they enter and exit each train carriage
  • No graffiti or gum anywhere, it's always clean
  • The subway had girls only carriages, so in peak hours you wouldn't be squashed up next to some stinky man
  • The subway sometimes feels like you walked half way across the city just to get to your exit…..literally mini cities underground

    The people

    • So polite and friendly and happy
    • Smile back at you if you make eye contact
    • Customer service is because they want to, not have to!

    Vending machines

    • You can hardly walk 10 meters without finding either a convenience store or a vending machine to buy drinks at, very handy when everyday was over 30 and humid
    • We didn't see many food vending machines…..we finally found one, so for the novelty factor I made a purchase…..horrible food, was still frozen, I didn't eat it



    On the flip side, also a few things that we didn't like so much

    • They LOOOVE plastic….things come in about 3 layers of plastic, then they give you a plastic bag for it, even a bottle of water gets a plastic bag. In one shop Claudia said no bag for her clothing purchase, so they wrapped it in plastic…..
    • The no eating or drinking in public was actually annoying as we both need to eat frequently and often had to sneak snacks as we shopped or walked the streets
    • You could hardly walk a city block without seeing a Starbucks….seriously they are every where
    • That's a short list, as generally we loved this country and especially it's people, highly recommend you visit, can give you plenty of trips and recommendations.

    Well that's the end of another trip and another blog, hope you have enjoyed it, see you all soon





    One response to “It’s all over…..insert huge sad face!!!

    1. Carlos

      Been great following your trip. Looks like you guys fit heaps in to it and the pics were amazing. Definitely makes me want to visit!!

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