30 hours travel with numerous power naps, we have arrived!!

Knowing that the journey to Mexico City was going to be long and painful is one thing but doing it is another thing! 3 boarding passes in hand we depart Melbourne…….and no more work for 5 weeks, wooo hoooo!

Arrived LAX, got stuck at customs for some time, got grilled about my trip and my job…..”and your work is ok to give you 5 weeks off?”, “how long you worked for them.”…..and we just transiting through!!!! 6 hours to kill at this airport…….walked through 7 different terminals, I am sure security would have been watching us, I mean who does a walking tour of airport terminals……bored people who have 6 hours to kill at one of the worst airports in the world!
Our flight to Mexico City had a stop over in Las Vegas…..slot machines at the arrival gate. Very cool airport to fly into, last time I was here I drove in, you literally are flying over desert, more desert, yep and more desert, then suddenly Vegas! The airport is right next to the end of the strip….had a great few as we took off…sorry didn't get a photo.
We also flow over the Grand Canyon on route to Mexico City, well the edge of it anyway…..last time I flew over the Grand Canyon, I had food poisoning and was sick for most of the scenic flight……this didn't make up more it, we too high.
So after over 30 hours of travel, only 2 hours sleep, and after having countless power naps we arrived in Mexico City, hola! Straight to our hotel, shower and much needed sleep!



One response to “30 hours travel with numerous power naps, we have arrived!!

  1. brooke johnstonw

    Wowsers. Not looking forward to my stop over at LAX. How did you get that much time off? There was a chick here last week from cgu. they giving holidays away there??? 😉

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