Exploring Mexico City

This morning we decided to head off to Bazar del Sabado, translation, Saturday market. Many markets in the city, this one is in an area called San Angel, we caught a taxi, lanes on the road are just a suggestion, not a requirement!

The market is set up within plaza de San Jacintois and is well known for having a great selection of paintings along with all the other market knicks and knacks, but a cool little area.

Lots of vendors are set up all around the place selling everything and anything, spoons, lace, steamers etc, one vendor was using his car to sell his rugs

Inside one of the buildings they had a court yard with a restaurant which had a mariachi band playing, you often have musicians playing for you in restaurants as you eat your food.

We then jumped into another taxi and headed to another area called Coyoacan, this was a really cute little area, filled with lots of locals and tourists hanging out in the square and at cafes on the weekend. We got the taxi to drop us off at Frida Kahlo's house that has been turned into a museum. The line was really long, so a photo out the front was it.


Walked past this place and it had two singers in the two windows upstairs performing into the street….as you do!

By now we needing some refreshments and a little snack, so we stopped at a bar not far from the square, ice cold beer…….and some guacamole with fried grasshoppers on top…..yep, it was actually really yummy

We then headed back towards the metro along this really cute little street called Franceso Sosa, had some really cool looking houses along it, and a church.


Took the ladies only carriage on the metro, we saw this last year in Japan too….you could never do this back home. We went back to Bosque de Chapultepec to check out Largo de Chapultepec on our way back to the hotel. This area was extremely touristic, with hundreds of vendors selling all the same things lined the whole walk through the park to the lake, king of ruins the experience, but I guess people are just trying to earn a living.

After some r&r back at the hotel we headed out to dinner……on a quest to find tacos for dinner….success, wasn't really that hard. We sat out the front of the restaurant, which means you get a constant stream of people trying to see you things, lolly pops, wooden spoons, individual cigarettes, painted combs, and snacks.

Tomorrow we fly to Cuba for 8 nights, we don't expect to have any wifi while there so won't be able to update the blog until we get back to Mexico



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