Hola Mexico City

After some much needed sleep and feeling somewhat more human again, we head out for b'fast near our hotel in an area of Mexico City called Condesa. Our menu is all in Spanish, waiter doesn't speak any English, no problem we can work this out….after some time studying the menu to try translate it, we order…..fruit juice and an omelet….the fruit juice, just as we expected……the omelet, not so much!

It actually tasted ok, but it came with frijoles……I don't like frijoles, but other than that was pretty good. The basket of bread was just put on our table, it had an almond croissant in it, if I must!

Walking shoes on….aka Havaiana's we head off to Bosque de Chapultepec…..a large park here in Mexico City that has plenty of museums, a zoo, lakes and what we came to see Castillo de Chapultepec, which is a castle on top of a hill that looks over the city.

Walk up the hill…..it's only high 20's today, but still quiet warm, get to the top and as we enter the security guard checks our bags and confiscates my bottle of water…..seriously what am I going to do with it….throw water over the paintings!!!!

Next we headed to Centro Historico, as the name suggests the old area of the city. We catch the metro to get there…….20 million people live in Mexico City….seems like all of them catch the metro.

Walked through Alameda Central to Palacio de Bellas Artes, they are big into their art and performances here.

Then continued through the streets until we got to Plaza de la Constitucion, a large open square, with Catedral y Sagrario Metropolitano, a church on one side of the square

On the other side of the square is the Palacio Nacional……a few military people around, and a very strong police presence, in fact we have hardly gone 5 mins without seeing police in this city, either that's what keeps everything safe, or they expect things to kick off at any given moment.

We went inside the Palace, they confiscated our water again, at least this time we could bag check our water….yep that's right, we handed to the security guard our half empty water bottle and got given a number to collect them on our way out……seriously what damage have people done with water!?

After retrieving our highly guarded water bottles we continued to explore the area some more

Suddenly, the wind changed and a big grey cloud rolled in with some thunder…..mmmmmm might be time to stop for a drink…..really what choice did we have we didn't have an umbrella.




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