Cuba – Havana…….did someone say mojito?

Departing Mexico to enter Cuba, involved numerous forms and queues, here compete this, now complete this, pay for this, here's two more forms for you. So armed with all our paperwork, we arrive…..naturally they don't care about any of the paperwork and pretty much stamp passport and welcome us to Cuba……wooo hooo.

Leaving the airport, the car park is filled with old American cars, like chevrolet's, they are literally everywhere……omg I love this place already. It's hot and humid….our taxi is an old car, ahhhhh takes me back to my childhood….hot vinyl seats and sticking to the seat!!

We are staying at a Casa Particular, which is basically someone's house, they rent out rooms in their own homes. It's pretty basic, no hot water and a toilet that takes over 30 minutes to refill, but it's clean and the family is lovely.

We head out to start exploring the city, we head out along avenue malecon which runs along the waterfront, the buildings are beautiful, but most are extremely run down, it adds to the charm, but also shows the economic struggle of the country.

In need of food….as always, we pop into a locally owned bar/restaurant (others are owned by the government). No spare tables, so we consider leaving, the waiter comes up and says he will get us a table……he then went and took a table from some locals who where sitting at it…..ahhhhhh noooo, but they insist we take it, I guess as a tourist we pay four times the price of everything than a local, so ok! They have two currencies in Cuba, one for the locals and one for tourists, so it's known and very clear that we pay more than a local for everything.

Ahhhhh, waiter rattles off a few foods and drinks….hang on did you say mojito? Si por favor, food was ok too, well for about $5, it's ok.

Two moijtos later we continue to walk along the avenue towards the fortress while taking photos of the old cars driving around, a lot are used as taxis.

We head into the streets away from the shoreline to continue exploring

After a late night last night, and a rough flight today, we decide to have an early one tonight, and be ready to explore more tomorrow.



2 responses to “Cuba – Havana…….did someone say mojito?

  1. I LOVE the pic of the buildings and the old white car – soo simple but it could be framed!! And MOJITO??!?!?!!? I HATE YOU!!!! 🙂

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