Ahhhhh the ups and downs of travel

Morning brought with it a not very well Claudia….and a mildly upset stomach for me……right, refer to medical kit…..drugs, hydrolites and some water later, we head off.

Today is really hot, not got the internet here so no idea how hot, but certainly over 30 (I am missing the BOM). We head to Habana Vieja, which is the old town area of Havana. First plaza is Plaza de Catedral….yep you guessed it, its got a church in it….really pretty one.

Next on our walking tour….professionally guided by yours truly is Plaza de Armes, they hold second hand book market here on most days.

This man was sitting along the side of a building in the plaza playing the trumpet…..music is everywhere in Havana, it's very rymthmic and makes you want to dance.

We also walked down to Plaza Vieja, this use to be private residences of the wealthy where they could sit on their balconies and watch executions in the square below.


And this was pretty much where my tour ended and we just started walking. Notice in the photo below the wooden beams supporting the balconies.


We sat down for some lunch, a man drew this picture of me…..mmmm I don't see it! Lol

Communications are expensive in this country and so people use public phones, mobiles are charged in tourists money not local currency, so very expensive for locals, this was a queue to use phones



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