Time for a day trip with ma and pa

Today we headed out for a day trip to Vinales, we arranged for the husband at the casa we staying at to drive us, however, in the morning as we go to leave his wife also decides to come along, so ma, pa and the two kids (aka Claudia and I) get into the car and start our road trip. (Old car, vinyl seats, no seat belts, nature air con…..it's a flash back to my childhood).

Vinales is about two hours west of Havana, the roads are not great, but if no other cars on the road you just drive the best part of the road, no matter what side it's on.

We arrive in Vinales and first go to this beautiful look out over the valley

Next on our tour with ma and pa is a tobacco farm…..inside the huts is where they dry the tobacco leaves, everyone wants to sell you cigars in Cuba, shame I don't smoke, I am sure it would be good quality fresh from the farm.

A little down the road we stopped at a cave….they had set up a bar in the first part of the cave, would be very cool at night time

None of my photos worked in the cave……but just imagine, darkness and cave looking walls and ceiling. The walk around the mountain back to the car was pretty

Ma and pa bought some bananas, fresh from the tree

Next cave was one that had a river running through it, we walked through it and then got a boat through the rest, this one was pretty cool….and cold, which was so refreshing, it was hot and our car had no air con. Not a great photo, but gives you the idea

We then drove into town to get some late lunch and walk around the town, it's such a cute little town, a real slow pace to it, such a change from busy Havana. All the houses along the main street in town have rocking chairs on them, so people chilling out on their verandas to escape the heat inside their houses.

A lot of the locals obviously don't have much money or even cars and so getting from place to place is not easy, we noticed that as you drive along the freeway, under each of the overpasses, that people would be hanging out waiting for lifts, often they would all get into the back of a truck, and stand in the back section as it flew along the freeway, struggled to get photos of this, but did get one from the car near town….assume they only going short distances, but still tough life, we really do have it easy back home.

Back in Havana, the next day we head out to do a little more exploring around the old town, such a colorful city, with all the old cars painted bright colours as well as all the houses.

Not sure I would be keen to buy any meat from this shop, was literally right next to the road. Notice the guy in the photo, besides the fact it looks like he is not happy I taking a photo, but he has a tattoo of Che on his arm, a famous image of Cuba and the revolution, you see it everywhere.

Next was a stop at the Ron Museum……that's rum, here they call it Ron, so needless to say I have had quite a few nights with Ron! Museum was ok, but you did get a free shot of le Ron de Cuba at the end.

We had to race back to the casa to get our taxi down to Trinidad, so we got one of the Bi Ci taxi's, basically a guy cycling with us in the back…..we could have almost walked faster, but it's hot and we just ate, so this was good! And like all trips in a taxi, of any description, Chevy, official taxi, local car, horse & cart, bici taxi or cyclo taxi….all cost $5 Cuban in tourist currency, no matter the distance.



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