Time for a slower pace and a Caribbean beach

Four hours in a taxi, in a seat that normally fits 2, but now has 3….I got pretty up close and personal with a British couple. Lucky I had managed to successfully load Game of Thrones onto my iPad before I left, an achievement for me, so I passed the time catching up on season four.

We arrive in Trinidad…..a cute little town 4 hours drive south east of Havana, immediately we like the town, it's small, relaxed, colorful and slow paced. We are staying in another casa, this one is right near the main square in the historical centre, again we in a blue house.

Trinidad's old town is full of cobbled streets……a little bit of a challenge in thongs, but really adds to the charm, plus it's not open to general traffic, so you can meander along the road…..although you do still have to avoid the cowboys. Yep cowboys, on horse back and on carts, not a tourist gimmick, they just going about their day doing their work.

We walked all around town, taking photos, it's so beautiful here, really like this town, so nice to be way from the busy streets of Havana and enjoying a much more relaxed pace, but that doesn't stop the number of guys making kissing noises at us and telling us we beautiful lady.

Music and dancing is such a big part of life in Cuba, everyone asks us if we can salsa, lots of bars and restaurants have live music in them, they don't get paid by the venue, the patrons needs to tip them. Even as you walk along the streets you see musicians playing and people dancing.

We climbed up a tower where we could get a great view of town, the climb involved, a steep set of stairs, followed by a very old wooden spiral staircase (with tiny steps), followed by a short but almost vertical staircase, but worth it the view was amazing…..in the distance is the ocean.

Our next day in Trinidad we decided to head to the beach….we are on a Caribbean Island after all, would be a crime not to visit the beach. It's about 18km out of town, so we start walking out of the historical area to find a taxi. As we walking a local man sticks his head out the window and asks if we handing to the beach…..we agree a price and jump on in. “Taxis” are pretty much any car, many locals offer tourists rides to earn some money, so we figure happy to help the locals, they offer to pick us up later as well….too easy.

The 3 Italian boys laying next to us…..I mean, look at the beautiful scenery…..i couldn't avoid getting them in the shot……honest!

It was really hot, the water was also really warm, kind of wouldn't have minds the cold water in Australia at this point. Well, day 1 at the beach, and we both got burnt, me much more so than Claudia…..dam my pastie white skin!

Back in town, we head out for a sunset cocktail, it's a bit cloudy so we don't really get any good shots, but still had a cocktail. We then headed to dinner, the food in Cuba is average at best, but last night we went to a place that was pretty good, so far in Cuba, besides both being sick, we not had the best food, so our theory now is if you find a good place…..go back!

Not only did we enjoy the food at this place, by the music was really good too, Claudia even bought the CD, the base player was a wanna be Lenny Kravitz……Claudia was a fan!

After 3 relaxing nights in Trinidad, we take a taxi back to Havana, this time I wasn't getting squashed in the taxi, so I jumped in the front seat. As we drove along the road, I started to notice what looked like lots of road kill on the road, but I couldn't work out what it could be, as so much of it. For about 3-5kms the road was covered in hundreds of little splotches of road kill…..then all of a sudden I saw what it was…..crabs! Yep 1000's of them trying to make it across the road, most not making it. Warning, the next shots are of flat crabs on the road, and the lucky ones that make it. Our driver slows right down when we approach a section with live crabs crossing, and swerves to avoid them….crunch…..opps we got one!




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